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About us

Sandra Bruna Literary Agency sets up the line SB e&books which offers a literary service that opens new channels of creation, advice and promotion in eBook format to authors and their novels. With the premise of quality, editing and promotion, it allows the author to be not only in the network, but also in the publishing world with safety and quality.

The way SB e&books works is simple: the author submits his work to evaluation by Sandra Bruna team who prepares a report and, if it’s positive (previous and indispensable step to hire SB e&books), the book is distributed on the main digital platforms like Amazon or iBook.

With this new project the agency reinvents the process in which rights are sold to publishers and opens a new path to unpublished writers who today have more difficulties than ever.

Sandra Bruna Literary Agency represents since 2001 both national and international authors, as well as foreign agencies and publishing houses, in Spain, Latin America and Portugal. With 12 years of experience as an agency, we think that the publishing world is changing and we should adapt ourselves without fear, protecting the current sales channels and learning and creating new ones. SB e&books is our new chance. 

For more information or request the budget for a report, previous and indispensable step to hire SB e&books, contact us here