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Life seems lame and monotonous to Nadia, a teenager with a passion for volleyball, though resigned to play only for the high school league. There is a professional team in town, but getting in is rather unimaginable, for she knows they wouldn’t even let her run tryouts.

Nadia doesn’t know, but the current coach’s days are numbered. The arrival of the new neighbors will change her whole world. Her dreams will come within reach of her hand — and slip between her fingers when confronted with new responsibilities, forcing her to start from scratch with the help of the people closer to her.

Thanks to her love for philosophy and psychology, she will get into an unbeatable mindset that lead her to reinvented herself for the challenges of life. Success on the volleyball court contrasts with disappointments and personal failures. And the shadow of guilt will accompany her until the end of her career.

After volleyball, her life will start again, and again it will start until she finds her place in the world — where happiness always laid, waiting for her.

Solanas, Victor

VICTOR SOLANAS was born in the Barcelona of the 1980s, and is still waiting for a flying saucer to take him to a civilized world. He has been a teacher of nothing, and a clerk in a company that pretends to work in telecommunications, while in fact doing little but spend money like a millionaire on a shopping spree.

He hikes as a hobby, loves animals, and has yet to meet a woman who would not say that he is a nutjob. Perhaps that is why he is now commited to the madness of entrepeneurship, and the never-ending string of taxes that comes with it.

He writes books because he quit drawing, and because the world of comics disappointed him. He did what his friends suggested: therapy, writing, so he would be distracted, and the world might live in peace… until he gets something published.