Genre: Pages: 262

The original version that nobody dared to publish! Dominic Romano is a prestigious lawyer, a powerful man, so sure of himself that he gets everything he wants. But Romano can’t forget the girl who hurt him when he was a kid: Samara. She made ​​fun of him all through the school years, and she is the reason why he has become the man he is.

One day, by chance, he bumps into her, and finds himself reliving those stormy moments in their childhood. She is the basis of the life he leads; he loves her with the same intensity that he hates her, and he doesn’t hesitate to make her pay for all the damage she did so long ago. But, with him, Samara discovers a different sort of life —one that has nothing to do with the ‘real’ world. In this new life, love, pain, sex and passion turn in a dizzying whirlwind that drives her into another sphere, where the boundaries between right and wrong diffuse. Dominic Romano is not alone: Quimera, the retreat of this pragmatic man, is also a refuge for a peculiar ‘family’ that Samara will soon meet.

This is a hard, and controversial novel. It is a passionate book, loaded with feelings that verge on the forbidden. This novel will make you reevaluate what is really right.

Ramos, Malenka

Malenka Ramos has always spared time to read or write, although her many commitments have sometimes prevented her from devoting herself to it as much as she would have liked. She inherited the passion for reading from her father, who kept his private library with him wherever life took him.

What started as an erotic web story eventually gave way to a book trilogy. VENGANZA is one of her first projects, and the result of a continued interaction with the passionate and faithful readers that have followed her writing from the start and asked for more. She published her stories online for seven years and contributed to several sites, where she has the remarkable sum of a million readers.

She writes under a pseudonym.