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“Sitting at the old bank, covered with endless layers of green paint, note as the sun penetrates the pores and transmits that recognizable and comforting feeling of serenity and relaxation”

One looked to be a typical Friday, inconsequential as many others for Carlos Belmonte, without exerting lawyer, engineer and writer half remote success. So it would have been if given time, attracted by a seemingly insignificant fact, it would not have risen from the bench. But that day fate had decided to have fun with it and from that moment Carlos is in the midst of a savage cyclone events and circumstances that will transform your life forever.

Accused of a heinous crime he did not commit is wanted by the police, shot dead by unknown, tried, imprisoned and mistreated in body and soul, unable to do anything about it. In this apocalyptic sequence, it has the support of her lover / friend Marta, his teammate Pedro, lawyer as he and his attractive fellow. Enrique Galcerán, police and grumpy veteran, turned as he says in “your fucking straw” will also lend a hand. Meanwhile, Carlos feels spectator of his own tragedy, buffeted by the facts, overwhelmed by the situation and surrounded by some zany characters and sinister most. In the end, someone like him prisoner and from the same jail, get him out of the tunnel start. However, all this is part of a plan, but he ignores. A story full of energy and action, fast paced and addictive, full of characters and is developed from the murky corners of Barcelona to the bright beaches of the Costa Daurada. Grace and Gasch, get in this case a bright gender sign that captures the attention and restless mind, from the first sentence.

100% black novel.

Gasch i Pou, Ramon

Ramon Gasch was born in 1950. He is an electric engineer and vocational writer. He published two handbooks and a memoir about his profession. In the literary field, he is the author of three novels: D’un temps sense esperança, Núvol negre and Bon cop de falç.

Gracia, Juan José

Juan José Gracia Agis es Ingeniero Técnico Industrial y Abogado. Ejerce sus dos profesiones, la ingeniería y la Abogacía, desde hace más de veinte años en su propio despacho profesional. Es asesor de distintas organizaciones empresariales y profesionales. Fue miembro de la Junta de Gobierno del Colegio de Ingenieros Técnicos Industriales de Barcelona, donde ocupó los cargos de Vicesecretario, durante cuatro años, y después de Vicedecano, durante otros ocho años más. En la actualidad es el responsable de la asesoría jurídica de este Colegio profesional.

Amante de la literatura, ha participado en diversos concursos de narrativa corta en la modalidad de cuentos, habiendo obtenido un primer premio y varias menciones.

Es coautor con Ramon Gasch de la novela de ficción EL CEBO, novela clasificada como de género negro/policíaco.