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Bruno is the young son of a divorced couple of scientists. His student life passes with apparent normality in Barcelona until he decides to move to the house that his father has just inherited in the nearby town of Arenys de Munt. His curiosity leads him to investigate his great-grandfather George Babington, a British adventurer born in Ireland and who made his fortune in Egypt. With perseverance and the help of friends and acquaintances, including a very special friend to him, he discovers that George had an existence that can only be described as murky, marked by looting and revenge. Even some of these criminal actions are not directly perpretated by him but by people around him who he could trust. Bruno will face a moral dilemma: accept or remove certain toxic characters may or may not be justified.

Told in first person, with a sarcastic humor and sometimes irreverent, El impenitente metomentodo is a dense novel encuadrable in a psychological thriller with touches of drama and farce, in whose development the tension grows progressively up to terminate all fronts open.

Bas, R. G.

Dr. Raimon Guitart Bas ( Barcelona, ​​1959 ), who writes under the pen-name R. G. Bas, serves in professional toxicology since 1982, when he began a tour of several national foreign centers (CSIC , Clínic , UB) that ended up taking him to the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He has been a professor during the last 29 years in different degrees and masters . Author of about 150 scientific papers and outreach, and several chapters of books for publishers such as Elsevier or CRC Press, he has recently published four books on the history of toxic agents. From the research point of view, he has focused on aspects of analytical environmental toxicology and food, with topics ranging from heavy metals to dioxins and PCBs , pesticides or mycotoxins.