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The protagonist, Cesar, is a fifty years old lawyer, skeptical, married and with two grown up children He assists to the vital collapse of his mother, who in a few months will pass away, but not before removing ancient stories of hatred. He will also live, meanwhile, a passionate love with a young girl he met when they were young and then he lost sight for decades. She is now married to an eccentric painter. Unexpected outcome for the accommodated protagonist. All it seasoned with a dynamic literary style and without avoiding thorny issues of today.

Cerezo, Antonio

Born in Almendralejo (Badajoz), Antonio Cerezo studied medicine in Madrid and has devoted his professional activity to clinical practice of psychiatry. However, he always had an unquestionable literary vocation. Before he was 20, he published in Doncel publishing two books of short stories, El sueño del piconero and El batallón de la selva. He also published Una mañana gris, finalist in the short novel prize Sésamo, and years later, another short novel, El yonqui trinitario and a volume of disclosure psychiatric journal articles, La salud no tiene precio. He has written many other things, especially novel but EL RETRATO DE CÉSAR is the mature fruit of a long period of work and reflection on issues of great relevance in modern society.