Genre: Pages: 165

This story begins when Asia, a six years old girl, loses her mother by a sudden illness. Her father loses his mind and sees in his daughter the picture of the late wife. He abuses and humiliates Asia until he decides to sell her to the mafia. Since then, Asia’s years are a continuum of violence, murder and rape. Constant pain becomes part of her daily live, but everything changes the day she discovers that she is pregnant. Asia knows what happens to prostitutes’ children: when they are born, their organs are sold. Determined to save her baby’s life, Asia plots to escape, but it won’t be so easy. The mafia will chase her and she will have to decide between struggle to survive or give up and die.

Pazos, Santiago

Santiago Pazos , born on February 19, 1978 on the island of Ibiza, great lover of classic cars, and collector of various games. In 2010 he published his first novel, Hatrem el Guardián de las almas, after being a finalist in a literary contest. He currently works as a manager in a company selling wood and his dream is to see on the big screen one of his novels and participate as a supporting actor .