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Mamen enjoys exciting men but resists surrendering to them. No one has ever been able to give her an orgasm and less like those she enjoys in her dreams.

She discovers in a chess game that her father left her some curious symbols that lead her to a singular organization. Attracted by its secretive halo, she conquers the great Master and becomes his collaborator. He covets her orgasms and prevents other people to interfere.

She discovers that her predecessor has disappeared under strange circumstances and risks her life to discover who the murderer is.

But the situation got out of hand and she attempts suicide. However, someone stops her at a very high price.

Sex and the perverse mind of the powerful mix intrigue and eroticism in the pages of this book that where nothing is as it seems…

Barba, Carme

Carme Barba Garrido is an Industrial engineer and works as an ergonomic expert.

A face -to-face experience with cancer drove her to write the short story “Despertar “. This short story classified in the contest “Cáncer y calidad de vida ” and was published by Giafys in the book Vivir.

Since then, she has written numerous erotic short stories.

Jaque mate al orgasmo nocturno is her first novel and a dream come true.

Since 2013, she manages and administers a web space where she and other guest authors publish their erotic creations.