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They call her Purruncheta, that’s what’s true, she never calls herself… She represents the new race, they one that’s mixed, that was born in the land that opens borders, Switzerland.

She’s lucky!… her existence was wished for in the beautiful country of mountains and lakes, she was conceived with the smell of incense, surrounded by figurines and strange gods, and tea from exotic places… most of all she was conceived with love.

She’s lucky!… her stories are her ancient past, she travels through time adding to each story she owns the values that will make her life up. And she also travels the world since before she was born, feeding on her cultural richness, the good and the different nourish her.

Switzerland, Peru, Spain, Colombia and more… are in her blood, but many more countries adopt her in their heart… And she adopts them too.

She’s lucky!… she was born without fear, she faces the world and the world is hers.

Schmid, Rebeca F.

Rebeca F. Schmid, was born in Lima-Perú in 1996…the year of the earthquake.

Since she was little, the trips between the north coast and the middle mountains gave her the need to get to know more and more… both the towns and the people. The different stories by her father, her grandmother and the simple or not so simple people, took her to see Peru and then a different world, with no borders, no differences, towards the horizon. The love towards human beings, almost almost forced her to share her stories with the purpose of showing that differences aren’t really important, that borders don’t make us different, they enrich us.

Right now, and since a few years back, she’s interested in getting to know.

“The interaction between individuals of different cultures and expressions, done with respect, will always have a positive result, it’s to add”.

“Who knows me, knows me… and who doesn’t, can imagine”