Genre: Pages: 213

After passing through one of the toughest and most painful moments of her life , Angela decides to support her husband in achieving one of his most cherised fantasies and dives into a world where ethics, morals and feelings have to be parked for a moment.
But feelings are something she cannot leave apart and she is able to transmit them to those around. Therefore, by being involved in a game seemingly innocent, a diversion programmed and directed by her husband to help her overcome her grief , everything turns against him.
The venture into this new world ends throwing Angela to endless crossroads, doubts and difficult problems.

Moreira, Sole

Sole Moreira was born in Carballino, a small village in Orense, in 1964 and spent her childhood there.

She left her family and friends to study in Economic Sciences in Santiago de Compostela. At that time, she learnt to be independent and the distance made her discover the charm of solitude and the company of music.

In 1990 she moved to Leon, where she currently resides. That’s where she began to forget the cold world of statistics and probabilities and discovered her creative side through painting. With music as faithful travel companion Sole began to enter the world of books and devoted hours to reading. This acquired love for the written leads her to create different characters and scenarios…  She started to write always asking why and seeking the most logical and coherent solution.

Hence the story that you have in hand is born.