Genre: Pages: 252

Nostalgia tells the story of Lucia and Manuel, two very different characters between themselves, but both unforgettable and fascinating. Their lives are marked by events and circumstances that happen to anyone: the awakening of conscience; the discovery of mortality; the first sexual love; parenting; the unavoidable loss of loved ones; adulthood and heartaches; old age and its loneliness; sickness, and death. The story, then, shows how they start evolving through time, in their way of understanding life and facing it. They’ll both meet briefly in one occasion, as teenagers, a reunion that she won’t ever recall, but that will change his life forever.


García-Villada, Libertad

Libertad García-Villada (Madrid, 1977) is graduated in Veterinary Science (specialty in Medicine and Animal Health) and doctor in Genetics. From 2005 to 2012 she worked as a post-doc researcher in the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (North Carolina, the USA). She’s been an associated researcher since 2014 in the Department of Molecular and Human Genetics in the Baylor College of Medicine (Texas, the USA). She’s published lots of research papers, almost all of them in international magazines.

Nostalgia is her first novel.