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Four friends get together on a Thursday night to drink and play their weekly poker game. The apartment is in the Raval neighborhood – near the Bagdad concert hall in Barcelona – and is owned by an old street cleaner called Dudu. Leo, a forty year old with drug problems who scrapes by working as a public defender, starts to get calls from the Catalan police for him to go to a police station in Les Corts first thing in the morning to assist some people under arrest. So they decide to cut the meeting short and go home early. The bad part is that Leo, Sam and Gus decide to leave by car, but with a higher blood alcohol level than usual. That’s why, when a beautiful lady crosses the street at full speed and without looking, they can’t help running her over. The young lady is left unconscious on the floor, but still shows vital signs. At that time of the night the streets are empty and nobody could have seen…. Or that’s what they think. What should they do with her? They can’t call an ambulance… because the police would go too, and in their state, some would end up behind bars; to leave her there and flee would be too despicable… even for loathsome people like them; so they decide to pick her up and take her to the Emergency Room in Hospital del Mar. Almost without getting out of the car, they dump her at the door and leave at all speed.

The next day, Leo and Sam find out that there’s a secret police who they know in the office and who they called “ The Lone Ranger” – because he was always on his own -, had been stabbed and killed in the Raval neighborhood that same night. They are also told that Gus, who they had left home a few hours before, has just been hospitalized in the Hospital de Bellvitge with severe outlooks, after a brutal beating. Befuddled by the events and almost without wanting it, they find themselves in crazy police investigations that are about to cost them their freedom and even their lives.

Llovera, Jordi

Jordi Llovera Duran was born in Barcelona on 21 May 1967. He is married and father of three children. In 1991 he joined the Catalan police and since 2010 works as a police sergeant in Maresme. In 2000 he graduated as Industrial Engineer at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC); in 2004 the Bachelor of Philosophy pulled at the University of Barcelona (UB) and during the following two years made the doctorate “Philosophy, ethics and politics” not finalizazed because he started other studies. In 2010 he completed a degree in Psychology also at UB.

It was in 2011, with all the studies completed and thanks to his great love of noir novels, when he began to forge his first fictional story Nunca des la espalda al Portugués. With the help of some colleagues and, above all, the invaluable help of his good friend Jordi Garrido, who also has a degree in psychology, the project could be carried out. His second novel, Revólveres a mansalva is in production and could be completed next year.