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Ana just turned forty and has a stable life. After twenty years of marriage and two adult children, she decides to follow the footsteps of her best friend, Eva , who has always lived from one place to another , no strings attached , no family . Her new path will take her to work with an NGO in Brazil and, later, in Myanmar. During this period of reflection and learning she will find herself and live a romance that will mark her forever. During that experience, she will meet various characters who also are discovering new paths in their lives, interacting with each when they meet.

Basté, Montse

Montse Basté was born in Barcelona. She combines writing with the direction of her optical company, which she founded with her husband when she was 25. They reside with their three children in a small town near Barcelona.

She loves reading, a passion that is proud to have managed to convey to their children. She writes short stories since she was a teenager, but her work has never seen the light until her forties, when she decided to write a novel.

More than a writer, she describes herself as a narrator of everyday stories. She writes at night, when everybody is sleeping, her home is silent and inspiration gifts her with magic words.

Her first novel explains a process of self-discovery in which the protagonist learns to trust people and to believe more in herself.

She is currently working on her second novel: a family story, set in a former textile factory in the province of Berga, where intrigue and love participate equally.