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Satyres, nymphs, bacchantes, hermaphrodites… Another erotic novel? Wrong: try a television set. Resorting to mythological characters and a good dose of irony, the author outlines a different critique of the world known as TV trash. What if Jorge Javier Vázquez was even more divine than he already thinks he is? Can SÁLVAME―the most denigrated show of the Spanish television―teach lessons that no other self-help book could? Are we ready to accept that the television we suffer is, as a matter of fact, a symptom rather than the disease in this society that is losing reason and soul along the way? Be brave: look inside…

Picos, José Juan

During the last 20 years, José Juan Picos has been an executive producer, director, and screen writer for the most diverse TV formats. He has worked both in Spain and Latin America. He lived in Venezuela for 4 years and spent long periods of time in Colombia, the Dominican Republic, and Argentina. There, he was marvelled by the richness of Spanish at the other side of the ocean.

In an apparent paradox, he obtained his Ph. D. in Journalism with a dissertation about professional ethics, but has contributed to some of the most criticized shows of the Spanish television. Based on what he learnt at both sides of LA FUERZA, he has composed SÁLVAME ―a singular self-help book. It is a new addition to his literary resumé, following the picaresque novel EL VIENTO DE MIS VELAS (PERIPECIAS DE UN EMPEDERNIDO BEBEDOR DE CAFÉ EN EL REINO DE GALICIA), published on December 2012.