Genre: Pages: 380

Laura, an alcoholic prostitute and single mother, gives up for adoption her year old daughter to protect her, but continues her evolution from a distance. After years of total degradation she manages to stop drinking and prostitution thanks to the love of another woman. But living together is not easy. Laura resist the traumatic breakup without departing from the path of self-improvement begun to be worthy of her daughter. Only when she loses track of the girl , now Mercedes ,she leaves again to prostitution and alcohol. A dramatic event will force her to react.

Rodríguez-Martos, Alicia

Born in Barcelona on August 2, 1944 , she is a doctor in medicine, specialist psychiatrist and expert on alcoholism and other drug addictions. She is the author of numerous scientific texts.

Once retired, she studied at the Escola d’Escriptura de l’Ateneu de Barcelona.

Her first novel, Si te llaman Mercedes , combines her literary vocation with the expertise and experiences accumulated during her professional years.