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Imagine you go into a dark place where you can be a person without prejudice, where you can let your most primitive instincts loose. Imagine you go into a dark place filled with people who just want to let off some steam. Imagine you go into a dark place where there are only bodies with no face.

Imagine it’s the best night of your life, the most brutal experience you’ve ever felt. Then, imagine it’s not a dream, and there’s no escape, either.

Three couples of strangers start their story in a dark room in Madrid. This will take them to London, Moscow, Amsterdam and Ibiza in a trip where nothing is what it seems.

That starting point in a dark room will open your mind to new luxuries, trips and contacts that you never thought you would know, but also horrors you didn’t think existed.

Imagine you can’t get out of there…

González-Camino, Alfonso

Born in Lima-Perú.1965. Has a degree in Political Science and in Sociology by the Complutense University in Madrid and an MBA by the University of Nebrija. He’s worked for 22 years at the main advertising agencies in Spain handling the advertising for accounts as diverse as McDonald’s, Ford Motor Company, Pfizer, Mazda, Hertz, Jaguar, Chevrolet, Michelin, Osborne, DGT, Banco Santander, Adif…

After more than 20 years working as a publicist, he worked 3 years as a Director of Communications and Political Influence, at a NGO that supports children’s rights and that, amongst many other projects, helps girls in Africa from suffering female circumcision, infants in Asia from being sold as human product and to abolish forced marriages involving children.

He now lives halfways between Peru and Spain working to make the alpaca fiber to be recognized around the world as one of the best existing wools. In this new project he wants to let people know about the value of handcrafted products made in the Peruvian Andes.

In November 1992 he was a finalist for the American Literary Prize by the commission of Quinto Centenario.