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A SU MANERA (His Way) is a novel that brings together topics as current as euthanasia, homosexuality, and solitude.

Ramón Losada had to keep his homosexuality a secret and live in solitude to achieve professional success. When he is diagnosed with an irreversible illness that will eventually take away his control over his own mind, he seeks an anonymous end, to protect his intimacy. Destiny, however, brings a cardiac arrest, from which he recovers as a extremely dependent patient, without affiliation or capacity to take decisions.

For Dr. Eva Román, the case is initially a mere opportunity to be a pioneer in the use of a novel therapy, on an unaffiliated patient, but due to his evolution, and the possibility of incurring in therapeutic cruelty, the option of euthanasia is brought up. In the absence of a next of kin, she seeks the cooperation of Luis Llorente, a manager at Ramón’s company who has just reached the end of his career.

Facing the moral dilemma of deciding for Ramón, they choose to breach his privacy, and search his house for advanced directives.

Their experience together helps her mature, and him to harbor new hopes for the future.

Rubio Sanz, Rafael

Rafael Rubio Sanz (Teruel, Spain, 1945) is a Doctor in Medicine from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

He has spent most of his professional career so far as a medical specialist in Cardiology and Intensive Care, and researcher for the Gregorio Maranon Hospital in Madrid, where he has contributed to numerous scholarly publications. At present he is assigned to the area of clinical investigation, and not attending patients.

He is the author of three novels: HIJOS DE SIRIO, Novelia Award, 2008 for new writers (Publishing Big Gignol); A SU MANERA, second prize at the V Latin-American Contest of the Orphans’ Social Welfare Foundation of Doctors Prince of Asturias, 2013, and currently working on his novel A LA SOMBRA DEL ÁRBOL DEL HULE.