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It is precisely the sound given off by the broken piano keys the one that best describes the sound of the heart when the time runs out; this sound will become the leitmotif of this story about friendship, betrayal, misery, love in capital letters and love in small letters too.

Clara Maria and Lourdes are the protagonists of a friendship beyond time or distance. Three lives, three stories that intersect and mark the locations of these women who embody female characters written with skin; characters that show us that in life nothing happens by chance, that snowflakes never fall into the wrong place, like an Indian proverb says, and that to continue living, we must learn to say goodbye, to let go.

The reader will learn that there are two types of pain –the one that hurts and others that changes you-, that it’s never too late to say I love you, that last minute friends can be the best and that some people are destined to love after their story ended.

Teclas rotas de marfil is an hourglass that counts down the life of one of its protagonists, a woman who starts a race against time in order to find answers to questions that perhaps no one came to ask. Teclas rotas de marfil is a story that requires the five senses in order to not remain indifferent to a reader on a journey of emotions, colors and sensations that will not end up reading the end.

Puerta, Paula

Paula Puerta (Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz, 1975). She was born into a family from Malaga and, after a childhood marked by continuous stays abroad due to the profession of his father, Paula moved to Spain in 1987, date from which she lived in Estepona, the Malaga town from which originates her entire family. In 1992 she moved to Madrid, where she studied journalism at the Complutense University, and took her first professional steps in Antena 3 TV where she worked for seven years.

She worked as a journalist for local media, several newspapers such as Málaga Hoy, la Cope, Publicaciones del Sur and its own digital newspaper and she specialized in Courts and Policy until 2012, when she decided to turn around her career and focus in her first novel: Teclas rotas de marfil.

Now, after some years in Malaga, Puerta Paula has moved to Seville where she set her family home. It is in this Andalusian city where the journalist plans to conclude her second novel, whose title is yet to be decided, and works again in several media projects. She ensures she loves her profession.

You can find her in Facebok, Twitter and on her blog.