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In a time when being a scientist still meant having to fight against superstition and chitchat, Antoine Laurent Lavoisier was decisively contributing with his work to the coming of modern chemistry when he found himself in the bursting mist of one of the key events not just for France, but humanity: the French Revolution.

And it so happens that even though he was clearly a defender of its basic values, he unfortunately saw himself caught, during the most radical part of the period, in a process initiated by the Revolutionary Trial against all of those who, like him, were involved in the tax collection system at the overthrown monarchy’s service.

This took him to the guillotine in the end and all the efforts his circle of friends had made to save his life became useless before the fierce obstinacy, even with some of them being well positioned in the political scene of the moment.

The novel narrates the events in an enjoyable way; it’s also respectful with the happenings and also intends to be a small homage to the memory of a man who was a victim of intolerance, revolutionary this time.

Pardo Andreu, Salvador

Salvador Pardo Andreu has a degree in Law by the University of Valencia and is a Doctor by the Company Administration and Direction Faculty in the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

He developed his professional life in the financial sector. Now, free from professional obligations, he spends part of his time writing.